Pines Recovery Life, a State-of-the-art Drug & Alcohol Detox & Treatment Facility in South Florida

Anyone struggling with alcohol use disorder or drug abuse knows how difficult it can be to recover in isolation. Withdrawal symptoms make self-detox especially challenging and usually leads to relapse. Recovery isn’t something someone needs to do alone. Pines Recovery Life Detox can safely get the help you need while being surrounded by helpful medical detox professionals.

About Pines Recovery Life

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Pines Recovery Life is conveniently located within easy driving distance from airports in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This makes us an excellent facility to serve those living in South Florida and around the nation. Our detox facility offers luxurious accommodations, catered meals, a 24/7 snack bar, a game room, movie theater room, hair salon and barber services, professional massage services, nail services, and much more.

Our staff conducts a thorough treatment evaluation of every client who comes to us to design an individualized treatment program that meets their unique needs. Our medically supervised detox program ensures that every client is overseen by our team of doctors and nurses to deal with any complications or issues effectively and immediately.

In addition to medical treatment, our therapy team will craft a schedule of group and individual therapies that will help ensure that each client can build a recovery and sustained sobriety plan that best works for them. 

The Benefits of Our Alcohol & Drug Detox & Treatment Facility

Safety is of the utmost importance for those seeking to recover from alcohol or drug addiction. Most professional treatment centers will provide medical emergency care, medicine regulation, and treatment for psychiatric or mental health issues. Every patient’s safety is our priority at Pines Recovery Life Detox.

One of the largest benefits of attending an inpatient addiction treatment program in Florida is being surrounded by those who have walked along a similar path as you, who have experienced similar struggles, and want to succeed as much as you do. Peer support is a primary benefit of seeking treatment, and it is crucial to succeed and maintain long-term success.

Being placed into a safe and supportive environment naturally will lead to stronger commitment and focus. In a controlled environment, it is much easier not to slip up or be tempted by outside influences. Chaos and distractions exist in everyday life, so it would be natural to achieve more success in a stable, controlled, medically-supervised detox facility in Florida where you can focus on recovery and healing.

Seeking treatment at a state-of-the-art, Florida-based, inpatient detox program like Pines Recovery Life Detox means specialists will have a strong focus on improving health and nutrition. Alcohol dependence or drug addiction can deprive the body of important nutrients and make a recovery more challenging than it needs to be. Thus, we provide well-balanced meals, guidance on how to improve a client’s diet, and access to exercise so help keep clients focused on bettering their mind and body during recovery.

Reach Out to Us Today

If you choose not to attend a drug or alcohol rehab center after your detox program, leaving such a supportive environment and entering back into the usual day-to-day life can be intimidating. However, we can help. 

If you choose to go to an in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation center, one of the most important benefits of receiving professional help is the continued support and encouragement that is offered to patients afterward. Patients can also typically find ongoing recovery assistance through group meetings or local counselors. After entering back into day-to-day life, these pillars of support can help aid as a guide through setbacks, relapses, or anything patients may face post-treatment.

Whether you’re looking for an alcohol or drug detox in Florida, we want to help. Pines Recovery Life Detox has created a safe and supportive environment where individuals struggling with substance use disorder or addiction can begin the recovery process. Reach out to us at 855.981.8935, or contact us online to learn more today.