How You Can Stop Enabling Addiction florida

How You Can Stop Enabling Addiction

It’s difficult to state the exact percentage of people currently addicted to some form of substance. In 2018, estimates were that 53.2 million people used illicit drugs within the past month. Compared to 2015’s census that recorded little less than 27.1 million, it’s obvious that substance abuse problem has inclined over the last couple of years.

What is enabling?

Family members should be helpful towards one another. In healthy family relationships, one family member may do the dishes or laundry to help the other person slammed by other obligations such as work. When two or more people share tasks, it’s called being helpful. When you give money to the family member in need, it’s also called being helpful, but enabling behavior towards addiction is in fact something other than help. It’s taking all their responsibilities and tasks they’re capable of doing by themselves so they have more time and resources for the bad deeds.