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IV Infusion Therapy

Intravenous nutrient therapy, (also known as IV Therapy) infuses your bloodstream directly a number of health boosting ingredients. These included but are not limited to nutrients, micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, therapeutic agents, and electrolytes are all included in this IV drip nutrient solution. IV nutrient therapy is exceptionally powerful and effective when compared to other such therapies because it circumvents issues with oral administration, including absorption problems, stomach pain and discomfort, and loss of effectiveness or potency.

Electroanalgesia Therapy

Electroanalgesia therapy is the reduction of pain by electrical stimulation of a peripheral nerve or the dorsal column of the spinal cord. Expert medical procedure meets cutting edge technology in this innovation pain management treatment. This pain management system is hyper focused, able to pinpoint specific pain points and bring lasting relief to the chronic pain sufferer.

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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep tissue laser therapy stimulates your own body’s healing mechanism at the molecular level. Through the use of a process called “photobiomodulation” photons are sent into your body’s tissue. This process causes a number of reactions to occur, culminating in an increase in your cell’s metabolism and a decreasing of pain and discomfort. This process is effective on both new and chronic pain conditions, with treatments able to be customized for each individual situation.

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage based on the school of thought that promotes an understanding that this sort of massage will result in the drainage of the lymph, thus removing waste from the body at a cellular level. Lymphatic drainage massage utilizes light touch, combined with long, gentle, rhythmic strokes. This massage directly targets the lymph system, which is a part of your body’s immune system, capturing waste and helping to prevent and fight infection

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Manual (Massage) Therapy

Manual massage therapy is utilized to treat musculoskeletal pain, disability, and discomfort. When this therapy, also known as “manual therapy” is administered to an affected area of your body, the immediate result of the therapy is a decrease in muscle spasms and an increase in the range of motion. The treatment itself involves a combination of kneading and manipulating muscle as well as mobilizing and manipulating the joints through range of motion therapies.

Axial Non-Invasive Spinal Decompression

Axial non-invasive spinal decompression, also known as vertebral axial decompression, is a type of lumbar traction/decompression therapy that relieves intradiscal pressure, and subsequently lower back pressure and pain, the sort of which that is often associated with herniated lumbar discs or degenerative lumbar discs. This treatment has been proven quite effective at treating both the pain and press, as well as the cause of that pain and pressure, in many differing patients. This treatment is often the preferred therapy over surgery and other invasive procedures, with those type of procedures being relegated to last option treatments.

Mechanical Traction Therapy

Mechanical traction therapy is perhaps one of the best known such therapies. A form of decompression therapy, mechanical traction therapy, also known as “traction”, relieves pressure on the spine and alleviates pain from injuries to joints, as well as sprains and spasms. During this therapy, the patient’s head is cradled in a sling which is optimally positioned for the best possible therapeutic result. The sling is then counterweighted to ensure that the position is held, making use of the counter-pressure to relieve the pain and discomfort, and allow for healing.

Joint Mobilization (Chiropractic)

Joint mobilization is a therapy that will alleviate joint pain, discomfort, tension, and spasms, as well as to improve the range of motion of that joint. Through a series of massage and gentle joint manipulation techniques, the goals for the therapy are met. Quick, small thrusts, followed by massage and range of motion movements are all involved in this therapy.

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercise addresses a broad range of exercises. These exercises vary widely, are lead by therapeutic professionals, and are aimed at maintaining, as well as restoring, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, balance and stability. The overall goal of therapeutic exercise is to restore a patient’s strength, mobility, and muscular usefulness after an injury has taken those things away, or severely limited them in any way.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a therapy utilized in the treatment of kidney stones, as well as in physical therapy and orthopedic environments. The shockwave itself is actually an acoustic wave which transports its own high energy into painful areas of the body. This energy promotes the reparative processes of bones, tendons, and soft tissues in those areas, thus regenerating those areas back to a state of health that is mostly or entirely pain free.

Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic Activities utilize such parameters as range of motion, strength, and balance to promote functional activity. These activities are considered the basis for normal human body activity. Participating in activities such as hand assembly, transferring one’s self from one position to another, throwing/catching/swinging, etc. will encourage healing and recovery from injuries that have left the patient unable to grasp the activity desired.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy utilizes medical procedures that date back 150 years to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other potentially harmful substances in the body. Medical ozone is introduced into the body and disrupts the unhealthy processes that promote the growth of those substances. This treatment has been shown to strengthen the immune system by promoting white cell growth which, in turn, helps to fight infections and deficiencies in the immune system by destroying fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It has also been shown to counteract cell mutations, helping to fight some forms of cancer.

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Platelet Rich Therapy

Platelet Rich Therapy treatment, utilizing platelet rich plasma, supports wound healing in traumas and other types of injuries. Platelets are a type of blood cell that contain growth factors which trigger cell proliferation, thus speeding up the healing process as well as stimulating the cell regeneration process in the injured or affected area.

Electro-Meridian Imaging

Electro-meridian imaging is a technique based on traditional Chinese medicine that is based around the reading of the pulse in 12 different readings. Through a mix of light and deeper pulse readings, 28 pulse characteristics are formed into a graph that forms the meridian. Dr. Yashio Nakatani of Japan invented the electronic evaluation of skin conductance at the source points in the wrists and ankles. Ths treatment allows for better diagnosis and treatment of varied issues that affect the body on a whole.

Whole Body Vibration (PowerPlate)

Whole body vibration is simply a generic term applied to any therapy wherein a vibration is sent through the body to help affect change within the body. The PowerPlate is the source of the vibration in this particular vibration treatment. The PowerPlate is an exercise machine that sends vibrations through every muscle in your body. This vibration stimulates your muscles at a much higher rate than usual. The vibration forces your muscles to contract and relax much more than they normally would. This treatment is usually utilized as a way to help treat chronic pain.

Normatec Recovery Boots

Normatec Recovery Boots utilize a dynamic compression system to massage your legs. The boots are a simple design. The will inflate and deflate, squeezing and then releasing along various zones of your legs and feet. This encourages, and enhances, blood flow to these areas. This increased blood flow encourages healing and recovery. The boots are a user friendly design. They need only be put on, set to the desired setting, and the press “play” and sit back, allowing the boots to do their work.

Skin Regenerative Medicine

Skin Regenerative medicine

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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight loss is exactly that. It is a weight loss method managed medically under the care of a medical professional. The doctor and patient will proactively diet, fitness, and healthy behaviors. Often included in this treatment is metabolic testing, and medical diagnostics to monitor and physiological shifts during the treatment itself.

Direct Neurofeedback

Direct Neurofeedback allows the brain to escape a pattern in which it is locked or frozen. This non-drug, reward based treatment method trains you brain to have the desired reactions and feedbacks. Neurofeedback works to change the electrical activity of your brain. It is a non-invasive treatment that works toward changing and improving the source of your unwanted symptoms.

Injection Boosters of Nutrients

Injection Boosters of nutrients, also known as “booster shots”, supply your body with a full dose of the vitamins and nutrients it needs via a shot or IV. This method of delivering the vitamins and nutrients to your body is beneficial in that it avoids the gastrointestinal tract, making the vitamins and minerals more beneficial to your body as their absorption rate is much higher and the delivery to the body happens much more quickly.

Brain Restoration

Brain Restoration

Lung Regeneration

Lung Regeneration

Neuromuscular Re-Education

Neuromuscular re-education is the process in which you and your physical therapist will retrain your muscles, nerves, and brain in the ways that they work together and interact. Injuries, and other reasons, can cause these three entities to no longer work in harmony together, resulting in severe consequences when trying to move through a normal, everyday life. This therapy works to bring those three systems back into balance and restore that normal movement.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is exactly that. This therapy works to replace the hormones that are lost to menopause and other factors. Typically, a medication is given to a female patient that will replace the female hormones, like estrogen, when her body has stopped making those hormones, usually as a result of menopause.

Emotional Energy Release Technique
Emotional energy release technique is a therapy that encompasses many differing methods and has become widely known as one of the most effective methods for creating real, lasting change for someone. Unpleasant memories, traumas, and more are cleared during this therapy. This therapy works to end troubling emotions and thoughts patterns that will interfere with your happiness. These emotions include anger, sadness, guilt, and much more.

Craniosacral Techniques

Craniosacral techniques include varied massage and soft touch therapies that interact directly with the soft tissue structures of the body, as well as the flow of cerebrospinal fluid from the head to the base of the spine. The light touches examine the flow of this fluid in and around the central nervous system, looking for any potential issues and working to address them.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment

Erectile Dysfunction treatment is the treatment of the male sexual organ that can no longer perform as desired. Through various therapies, mental exercises, and medication, the vibrancy of the male sex life can be restored.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Myofascial release techniques is part of a therapy that is utilized to address and treat myofascial pain syndrome. It is a hands on, massage centric technique that works to relax, lengthen, and realign your fascia. The overall goal of this treatment is to restore the full range of motion, as well as to relieve pain.

Podiatric Conditions and Treatment Options

Podiatric Conditions and Treatment Options are, simply put, many varied options for you to take advantage of in the treatment of your lower leg a foot based pain, discomfort, and range of motion issues.

EECP Treatment

  • Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP) is a mechanical form of treatment for angina. It has been speculated that EECP improves peripheral arterial function, which serves to reduce myocardial oxygen demand. Several studies suggest that EECP can be quite effective in treating chronic stable angina.
  • Increased oxygen supply for the heart.
  • Decrease in chest pain. Improved EKG response to exercise.
  • Decrease in nitroglycerin use.
  • Increase in energy.
  • Increased exercise duration.

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