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When entering detox, the first stage is evaluation. This is when our staff assesses a client’s state of well-being to craft a unique recovery program. We will find out the types of drugs or alcohol an individual has been using and how frequently and to what degrees so we can set them up on the safest path possible. Our doctors will also look for possible co-occurring disorders, mental health issues that may have existed before substance abuse or have developed because of it. Doing so allows us to understand all the factors impacting recovery. At Pines Recovery Life Detox, we treat the mind, body, and spirit. The first stage is our thorough evaluation, so we know the right path to set clients upon.

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How Evaluation Begins

Upon entering detox, an individual will go through many assessments and numerous questions to determine the best course of action to help them heal. Medical detox may be a solution, using medication-assisted treatment to address withdrawal and cravings. But this requires our professional medical staff to have a complete medical history. We understand that this can feel intrusive or overwhelming. Therefore, Pines Recovery Life Detox has streamlined the process and created a non-judgmental, comfortable environment where clients can trust in the help being offered them.

Our admissions counselors will explain options, answer questions, and help individuals learn about the detox programs that would best fit their needs. Our medical professionals will work to learn more about the client’s medical history. This would include prior and current substance use. Our staff tries to understanding what a client’s current mental and emotional health is. The evaluation also takes into account if a client has attempted detox before and if they have any other health concerns. Finally, treatment needs to take into account what the client’s goals are.

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The Importance of Evaluation in Detox

Our evaluation process establishes a baseline. It also gives our experienced and committed team of caregivers the most accurate and comprehensive picture of a client’s needs. We understand entering detox can be daunting. We’ve done everything we can to make the process less intimidating, so clients feel comfortable. Trust is key in healing from the disease of addiction, and the first step to earning trust is through our evaluation process. 

Once we have a clear understanding of a client’s needs and goals in treatment, we can work together to design the most appropriate program. Our detox programs monitor client progress adjusting as needed to meet individual needs. Finding the appropriate level of care is key in making a lasting recovery.

Through understanding a client’s substance abuse history, their medical status and needs, if they are dealing with any co-occurring issues (mental health concerns as well as substance use disorder), and the personal history they are willing to share with us, we can help individuals recover from any number of substances.

Pines Recovery Life Detox

After entering the first stage of detox treatment by being evaluated by our Pines Recovery Lifeionate and experienced team of doctors, counselors and therapists, nurses, and clinicians, individuals will move through the remaining stages of detox treatment. This will involve stabilization and aftercare. We’reWe’re confident we can support and guide you or a loved one through the process, laying the foundation for a lasting recovery.

Here at Pines Recovery Life Detox, we can treat numerous types of substance abuse through our detox programs:

Within easy driving distance from airports in both Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Pines Recovery Life Detox is a small, private facility where your confidentiality is our priority. Our high-end amenities make the detox process more comfortable. Reach out to us at 800.263.3869, or contact us online to learn more today.