How do you get from having an addiction and being dependent on living a sober life? It takes a lot of hard work, but our team at Pines Recovery Life Detox in South Florida provides the tools you need to achieve this. That includes offering a transitional living opportunity. Our transitional living program is designed to help you bridge the gap between addiction and sober living for those who qualify.

woman outside smiling about transitional livingWhat Is Transitional Living?

Many men and women who go through drug and alcohol addiction come from unsafe or unstable situations. They want to overcome their addiction, but they find themselves unable to go home because it is not available to them or safe. Our transitional living opportunities allow you to get key skills and support as you work to find your way forward after attending an addiction treatment program.

How Do You Get Started with a Transitional Living Program?

Our South Florida transitional living program is available to those who complete our treatment programs. This includes our care programs such as:

Once you work through detox and start to build your confidence, you will learn more about this program. Generally speaking, it is an opportunity that can help you to have success for years to come. For some, it can even mean preventing relapse from occurring.

What Happens in a Transitional Living Program?

What you will experience depends on many factors. However, our transitional living opportunities are designed to provide you with a place to live while working on rebuilding your life. This is not just a room to sleep in. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to learn life skills. You will be required to maintain your responsibilities. You will need to be there to receive care. You will also have to keep up on the goals created for you.

During this type of treatment program, you will work on re-establishing yourself. That may mean getting a job. You may need to develop some life skills to help you to reach that point. This type of program can help you to build some confidence going forward.

What Are the Benefits of a Transitional Living Program Like This?

After completing detox and treatment, you may find yourself unsure of your next step. You may think you cannot go home. There may be drugs and alcohol present. You may not be welcome back at your home right now because you cannot support yourself just yet. Our transitional living program allows you to start working on fixing those programs.

There are many benefits to this type of support. Again, your specific needs may be a bit different. Our transitional living program in South Florida is very flexible to meet most needs. Some of the benefits you may have include:

  • Having a place to live while you recover
  • Learning life skills that you can use to find a good job and rebuild relationships
  • Continue to receive some outpatient care or recovery meeting support.
  • Be held accountable for your responsibilities, which is important for long-term recovery.
  • Avoid relapse by being surrounded by those who can help you.

Your first goal is to start working on your health. Our team can then help you to determine how transitional living can help you move forward for years to come.

Find Out How We Can Help You By Calling Pines Recovery Life Detox

Transitional living is a service we can help you with on your journey to health and wellbeing. We encourage you to learn more about our transitional living program in South Florida. We give you every tool and resource you need to thrive. To find out how we can help you, call Pines Recovery Life Detox today at 855.981.8935.