Medication-assisted treatment takes a groundbreaking approach to help individuals dealing with a substance use disorder. It shows a lot of promise in allowing clients at a rehab facility to wean themselves off drugs and alcohol in a shorter period with less severe side effects. Pines Recovery Life Detox offers South Florida residents the opportunity to take part in medication-assisted treatment. The hope is that it represents the first step in a productive journey toward sobriety.

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) combines the use of medications, behavioral therapies, and counseling to take a holistic approach to treat substance use disorders. All medications used at Pines Recovery Life Detox have approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We base our MAT programs on the latest clinically driven data.

Offering MAT treatment during detox allows clients to get thorough their detox faster to begin participating in residential treatment. Pines Recovery Life Detox integrates various evidence-based therapies and services into a patient’s treatment plan.

Taking a MAT approach to substance use disorders has proven beneficial to patients addicted to various substances, including methamphetamine, heroin, and opiates. Clients only receive medications helpful to their specific substance use disorder. The treatment approach also helps those who may have relapsed after previous attempts at rehab.

Pines Recovery Life Detox remains committed to acting as a partner alongside residents in their recovery. Our staff understands the difficulty of going through detox and put the health and safety of clients above all other concerns. We believe that MAT benefits patients in ways that can aid in their long-term recovery.

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Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment florida

The Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment eases at least some withdrawal symptoms clients go through while in detox. Studies have shown that MAT helps clients learn to change their actions as they learn to live without substance use. They tend to be more successful in making the lifestyle changes necessary for achieving long-term recovery.

MAT therapy can be used to treat dependencies on a variety of substances, including:

Medical professionals have found that incorporating MAT into a patient’s treatment typically provides the following benefits:

  • A reduction or elimination of cravings
  • A reduction in the intensity of withdrawal symptoms
  • Less risk of relapse at the end of treatment
  • Lower hospital admissions
  • Decreased relapse rate
  • Higher likelihood of finding and maintaining employment

Pines Recovery Life Detox closely monitors all clients undergoing MAT. Our goal is to get them through the withdrawal process safely so they can begin working on long-term solutions to managing their substance abuse issues.

Dispelling Myths About Medication-Assisted Treatment

Some mistakenly believe that medication-assisted treatment substitutes one form of drug abuse for another. MAT gets administered under the care and guidance of professionals at safe levels. Proper dosage of MAT medications has no adverse impacts on a client’s mental capabilities, ability to function, or demonstrated intelligence.

The misconceptions around the purpose of MAT prescriptions have slowed the adoption of a promising evidence-based treatment for those dealing with a substance use disorder. Some physicians also lack the training necessary for the effective administration of MAT.

Pines Recovery Life Detox medical professionals are well-trained in MAT and how it can benefit patients. Clients can continue with MAT for months or even years. Our facility creates individualized treatment plans for every resident to increase their chances of successfully overcoming dependency on drugs or alcohol.

Start Turning Your Life Around

Pines Recovery Life Detox offers hope to those who may feel that there is none. Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure clients are comfortable to focus on getting well and overcoming their addiction.

Learn more about medication-assisted treatment at Pines Recovery Life Detox by calling 800.263.3869.