Substance use disorder is a disease that is both complex and treatable. Affecting an individual’s behavior and brain functioning, treatment methods must holistically address the person’s needs. Attendance at an opioid detox recovery center is the ideal first step to building a foundation that leads to recovery.

Benefits of Using an Opioid Detox Recovery Center

There is a deep and proud history in the United States of doing things on one’s own. This is especially true when an action is difficult. There is a sense of pride in doing things like that.

When an individual struggles with a substance use disorder — particularly when it involves opioids and alcohol — attempting to detox on their own is problematic in several ways. Without the help of an opioid detox treatment center, the person could face issues that could lead to setbacks, illness, or even death.

Trained Medical StaffWomen talk about detox recovery center.

Opioids are addicting, both physically and mentally. They change the chemistry of the brain as much as they affect the way the body functions. This knowledge — and the effective ways of dealing with it — can only be consistently be addressed by staff with specific training and experience.

With the presence of trained medical staff that delivers care to individuals undergoing opioid detox, there is peace of mind. These medical professionals know when to deliver more intensive treatments and services so that each person’s life is protected.

Medications Are Available

As a person undergoes opioid detox, their body and mind go through a form of rebellion. They are so used to the presence of opioids that when they are no longer present, significant discomfort and pain in the form of withdrawal symptoms almost always follows.

Fortunately, some medications can help relieve these distressing — and sometimes life-threatening — symptoms. These are only available at a treatment center specializing in detoxification from certain substances such as opioids and alcohol. At Pines Recovery Life Detox, we offer medication-assisted treatment or MAT to help clients with severe withdrawal symptoms and cravings to help them manage their recovery.

A Safe and Protected Environment

At a treatment center that offers detox services, the individual can be in a completely safe environment protected from a multitude of influences. Being surrounded by an expert medical staff that has experience in assisting and supporting people as they move through the detox stage of treatment allows them to focus on their recovery.

There are no influences from people who might offer access to addictive substances, for example. Life is put on hold for a little while as the individual devotes the time needed to their health — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and more. Instead of having their time and effort being pulled by multiple responsibilities, the individual can care for themselves in a safe and nurturing environment that supports their efforts toward recovery.

Creates a Strong Recovery Foundation

To move toward the next phase in recovery, it’s necessary to develop a strong foundation. Choosing to undergo detox in a treatment center creates that type of environment. For many, entering our detox recovery center is the first step in healing from the disease of addiction and making a lasting recovery.

Many treatment centers require that a person attend a detox center that can address their specific needs. In several cases, a facility offers a comprehensive approach to recovery, with detox being the first step. The natural next step is to move to inpatient treatment or an intensive outpatient program.

Pines Recovery Life Detox, a recovery center in South Florida, provides state-of-the-art services in a modern facility. Providing personalized treatment options and skilled medical staff, Pines Recovery Life Detox supports recovery and success for everyone.

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