Nearly half of families in the United States have someone in the family who is struggling with an addiction. In many cases, the person struggling with an addiction knows that there’s a problem, but they don’t really want to change or get help. Family members are left considering cutting off their support to prevent themselves from enabling the person battling the addiction or performing an intervention that could end in confrontation. Fortunately, there is now a third option. With community reinforcement and family training, or CRAFT, we can teach families to communicate and support their loved ones despite their addiction. CRAFT increases the probability of the person battling an addiction making a lasting change.

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Why People Choose CRAFTwomen participate in CRAFT

In the past, families of those battling addiction had two choices: either help the person by force or save the group by cutting them off. These choices don’t benefit either party. Fortunately, community reinforcement and family training will provide the family with a range of strategies to circumvent this choice, including:

  • Teaching the family how to communicate in a positive way, no matter what the circumstances are.
  • Providing positive reinforcement and allowing consequences to come as they occur naturally.
  • Taking steps to provide self-care as a priority for the entire family.

CRAFT allows patients to change their interactions with someone battling addiction so that substance abuse seems less appealing than sober behavior. Our therapists can tailor the treatment based on the family’s unique needs. As a result, the starting point will depend largely on the family’s history, experience, emotional states, and the severity of the addiction.

Research into this treatment option has shown that learning skills and understanding what motivates the person battling an addiction can lead to positive changes for the entire family. Furthermore, positive outcomes are more likely with this approach than they are with interventions or 12-step programs. Because CRAFT is a healthy, positive, and constructive treatment option, families are able to focus on helping the patient change for the better. Additionally, this treatment changes behaviors rather than simply talking about the practices that need to change.

CRAFT doesn’t just help the person battling addiction. It can also improve the lives of other family members as well. It allows each family member to modify their actions so that they can be the best possible person each day.

What Can CRAFT Teach a Family to Do?

CRAFT offers a range of lessons based on the family’s needs. However, it can help loved ones identify the triggers that the person with an addiction may face. In addition, if there is potential for violence, CRAFT will help family members identify possible triggers and create plans to get each person to safety. It can also help to break the patterns that led to substance abuse. It will help to improve the communication skills of the family, allowing each person to express their feelings and desires. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this treatment enables family members to understand the need for self-care. With this treatment option, everyone is able to get on the same page, giving the entire family the opportunity to heal.

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