Pines Recovery Life Detox, a State-of-the-art Drug & Alcohol Detox Facility in South Florida

/Struggling with alcohol or drug addiction is a challenge. It makes every aspect of an individual’s life more difficult while endangering their health and those around them. Substance use disorder or addiction means an individual is unable to regulate their use of drugs or alcohol. For many, the first step in healing is finding the right detox program. At Pines Recovery Life Detox, we understand that recovery is complicated. Therefore, we offer various detox programs to address whatever substance use disorder a client may be struggling with. Our facility is private, comfortable, and staffed by Pines Recovery Lifeionate medical professionals looking to help clients heal.

Importance of Detox

Some individuals may believe they can just quit using drugs or alcohol on their own. Often, individuals think they can go ‘cold turkey’ and cease using or taper off. However, such self-detoxing is no more effective than self-medicating. Self-detoxing fails for many reasons. First and foremost, individuals fail to understand the degree and depth of their dependency. Repeated or prolonged drug or alcohol use alters the chemistry of the brain. It causes the body to need the substance to function properly. Without it, the body undergoes a series of painful withdrawal symptoms.

These alone frequently cause individuals to fail in their self-detoxing efforts. However, even a few hours detoxing resets the body’s relationship to the substance it is dependent upon. When individuals relapse or fail to see out their self-detox completely, they put themselves at a higher risk of fatal overdose. Fortunately, Pines Recovery Life Detox offers a safe and secure environment where professionals medically monitor clients as they work through withdrawal.

The Benefits of Our Alcohol & Drug Detox Facility

Pines Recovery Life Detox offers an extensive array of detox programs. No matter what substance an individual is struggling with, we can present a detox program that can allow clients to heal and overcome their substance use disorder.

For example, our alcohol detox program is thorough and customizable. Alcohol use disorder is a very common condition. While many people don’t consider themselves addicted to alcohol, dependency upon the substance can develop over time due to several factors. Of course, regular use increases an individual’s risk of developing alcohol addiction, but binge drinking can just as readily cause alcohol addiction. There are also environmental and genetic factors that put individuals at higher risk for developing alcohol use disorder. Our alcohol detox program here at Pines Recovery Life Detox understands that each individual will have a unique substance abuse experience. This is why our committed team of expert caregivers is thorough in our evaluation of clients to stabilize them and get them the support they need to heal.

Similarly, in our prescription drug detox program, we understand how individuals may have inadvertently become dependent upon medications through no fault of their own. Our opiate detox program is one that can use medication-assisted treatment or MAT to help clients adjust to sobriety. These medications aid in teh easing of cravings and overcoming withdrawal symptoms so clients can focus on the treatment they need to heal.

Some of the other detox programs we offer include:

Pines Recovery Life Detox

Our numerous detox programs deliver the customized care clients expect from our team of expert medical caregivers and treatment professionals. We understand each individual has a unique experience with substance use disorder. Therefore, every client needs a customized path to recovery. At Pines Recovery Life Detox, our intimate, private facility’s high-end amenities make the detox process safe and more comfortable than any other program. 

We’ve assembled a deeply committed, Pines Recovery Lifeionate, and experienced team of doctors, counselors and therapists, nurses, and clinicians to deliver to every client the customized care they need to heal from substance use disorder. Reach out to us at 855.981.8935, or contact us online to learn more today.