Struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction and need help getting sober? You are just like thousands of others in Miramar who dream of sobriety but need help getting there. Although there are many detox and rehab centers in Southern Florida, there is only one luxury rehab treatment facility and it is right in your own backyard, just minutes away in Pembroke Pines. Our addiction treatment program focuses on the detox and withdrawal process of your journey towards sobriety.

map of miramar floridaOur treatment facility approaches sobriety and addiction by making the process as comfortable as possible. Withdrawal symptoms are never easy, but with a professional treatment program that teaches coping skills, including entertainment such as games, catered food, and a beautiful property, your journey can be a positive experience.

Our staff is comprised of mental health and substance experts. They are here to guide you through an addiction treatment program based on proven methods designed for long-term sobriety. Similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous system, our program draws from the success of others, and group therapy so you don’t have to go through it alone. But unlike Alcoholics Anonymous, our treatment facility offers a luxury rehab experience with a much higher success rate than outpatient services or self-driven programs.

Overcoming Detox and Withdrawal from Drugs and Alcohol

The journey to being sober includes a phase called withdrawal.  This is the necessary addiction treatment step where the brain is denied the chemicals it has wired itself to depend on, often resulting in a period of nausea and discomfort.  The time it takes to complete a withdrawal from drugs and alcohol depends on the substance and the individual person.  For example, physical withdrawal symptoms from long-acting benzo can take longer than crystal meth.  In some cases, withdrawing too quickly can actually result in death, such as in a severe alcohol addiction.

If you or someone you love needs help from a drug and alcohol detox in Miramar Florida, we are here to help.  Your luxury rehab staff will not only get you through the detox and withdrawal process but help teach the coping skills necessary to be sober for the rest of your life.