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Illinois Drug & Alcohol Detox

Every year, the state of Illinois loses nearly 5,500 individuals to drug and alcohol-related deaths. That is nearly 5% of all deaths in the region. The yearly economic costs to Illinois for drug, alcohol, and tabacco-related mortality is over $3.5 billion dollars. The good news is that there is help for those who need it.

Detox for Drug Addiction in Illinois

For Illinois residents addicted to prescription or illicit drugs, detox is the first stop for treatment. Detox is not just for those who are addicted to heroin and methamphetamine, although these people most certainly do need the help of a top-tier medical detox facility. Even if the substance that the Illinois resident is addicted to does not produce severe physical withdrawal symptoms, there could still be a number of psychological and emotional changes that occur during this time. Whether an individual is in detox for 4 days or 14 days, the staff and facility create the perfect environment whatever comes with the first few days or weeks of sobriety.

Alcohol Detox in Illinois

Detoxing from alcohol requires 24/7 observation as there are a number of potential withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms could range from restlessness, irritability, and anxiety to tremors (shakiness), hallucinations (auditory, visual, or tactile), seizures, and delirium with disorientation. If severe symptoms such as seizures and delirium tremons develop, the risk of long term damage and death goes up greatly. Managing these symptoms is best done via a medical detox program.

Medical Detox in Illinois

Managing withdrawal symptoms during drug and alcohol detox at an Illinois addiction treatment facility can be done in many ways. One of the most common types of detox program is a medical detox program. As a part of medical detox, specific medications are prescribed depending on the substances that were abused, the symptoms that present, and any co-occurring mental disorders. These medications may be paired with vitamin supplements, IV fluids, behavioral therapy, and group therapy.

Illinois Addiction Rehabilitation

Once an Illinois patient completes the drug and alcohol detox process, they will transition to a long term treatment program. The different levels of care include residential treatment, PHP, IOP, and Outpatient Treatment. While a part of these programs, clients will dedicate a specific amount of hours each week to their addiction treatment programming. Programming may include individual therapy, group therapy, alternative therapies, and support groups.

Travel to Florida for the Best Drug & Alcohol Detox Center

Don’t mess around with your sobriety. Get started on your journey to recovery at the best detox center for Illinois residents. In many cases, the best thing someone seeking recovery can do is to travel to Florida where there are quality drug rehab facilities and they are removed from their routines and triggers. If you or your loved one is a resident of Illinois in need of drug and alcohol detox treatment, contact Pines Recovery Life Detox today!