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California Drug & Alcohol Detox

It is no secret – in California, along with the rest of the nation, substance abuse and dependency is a major public health issue. According to a recent study, 9% of adults in California admitted to using illicit drugs within the past month. On top of that, fully 7.3% of the total Californian population is dependent on alcohol. With a population of nearly 40 million people, these statistics indicate that there is a great need for drug and alcohol detox treatment among those who live in California.

California detox treatment

The reasons for addiction and continued dependence vary wildly from person to person. But a few things are consistent across the spectrum of addiction.

Familiarity is not your friend

One of the biggest facts that permeates every addict is that continuing to surround yourself with the familiar and the well-known is a huge contributing factor to continued addiction and relapse. Why? Because within that familiarity is your addiction. It lives in your enablers, your connections, your familiar places, the same old stressors, and the associated emotions with some of the most simple of things around you that can trigger relapse or help addiction maintain its control over you.

Structure is key for Detox Treatment Among California Residents

Quitting addiction “cold turkey” is rarely ever successful, especially when it comes to opioids and the like. Many addictions can be quite deadly in the detox phase. Attempting to break addiction’s hold over you without help or in a subpar facility can be a losing battle, even before it starts. California locals need a facility that is on the forefront of drug and alcohol addiction treatment and detox management.

Detox & Addiction Treatment for California Locals

These two points are part of the ever-present hierarchy at Pines Recovery Life Detox in Miami, FL. As such, when considering drug detox in California, or alcohol detox in California, keep in mind that it doesn’t matter where you are from, our team of industry-leading medical and therapeutic addiction professionals stand ready to help you reach sobriety. When you’ve decided that it is time to end the dependence on substances, Pines Recovery Life Detox in Florida is an excellent option.

We have welcomed clients from all over the nation, who come from all walks of life. Our insurance professionals are well versed in working with all forms of healthcare coverage. While the initial thought is of how far away Florida is for some, and “Why can’t I just do it here at home?”, the removal from your familiar is surprisingly effective. For California detox treatment, Florida might just be the actual place for you.


At Pines Recovery Life Detox, your every need is met, allowing you to focus completely on your detox and recovery.

Florida and California; both amazing destinations. For you, today, that next trip to Florida could mean a life-changing journey. If you are are a Californian ready to break free from addiction, end this cycle of failure, and finally regain complete control of your life, call 800.26.DETOX today. We’ll answer all of your questions, confirm your insurance, and help you begin your journey to sobriety today. Your new life awaits!

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