When it’s time to get into substance abuse treatment, finding a men’s detox is a vital first step in the journey toward recovery. Pines Recovery Life Detox is a Fort Lauderdale men’s detox center that combines luxurious therapeutic accommodations with state-of-the-art medical detox programs to provide you with a smoother way to detox.

What Is Medical Detox?

When the body and mind become dependent on a substance, they change. As a result, they learn to “live with” the substance in the system; however, they can. It’s not ideal, by any means. But the body is trying to survive.

Because you’re in this survival mode, during detox, your body and mind are forced to re-learn how to function without the substance. This disorientation that leads to the withdrawal symptoms you associate with detox. And detoxing from some substances can be more than brutal. It can be dangerous and deadly.

Medical detox gives you a safe and supportive environment to go through this transition. In medical detox, you receive 24/7 medical monitoring and medical intervention, as needed. At Pines Recovery Life, we also give you therapeutic support, so you understand what’s happening in your body and why it feels how it does.

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How a Men’s Detox Center Can Help

Why would you want to attend a men-specific detox program? The truth is that there are some very clear biological and often emotional differences between men and women. The reasons men abuse substances, how they use, and when they use are different.

This can impact the treatment. Additionally, differences in how you express how you’re feeling, especially in mixed company, could impact detox program success.

At Pines Recovery Life, our medical and therapeutic professionals know how these differences can impact detox. So they can support you how you need to be supported as both a man and a unique individual.

Other Detox Programs

Beyond having a women’s detox program and a men’s detox program, each plan is customized to your personalized needs. For example, detox can be very different for someone using cocaine versus heroin. Therefore, we offer a range of detox programs to address specific substance use disorders.

So Pines Recovery Life Detox has individual substance-specific programs, such as:

What Pines Recovery Life Detox Offers

Our goal is not only to help you safely detox. You can do that in the most minimal medical detox facilities. We have created a luxurious, entertainment, and leisure-focused environment. We want you to experience a taste of the healthier and more fulfilling life you have to look forward to in recovery while ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible.

Pines Recovery Life Detox in Fort Lauderdale comes complete with a theater room, game room, creative room, massage, barbershop, and semi-private accommodations.

Pines Recovery Life Detox has developed a streamlined and effective three-level men’s detox program, including:

  • Evaluation – Our medical team meets you to assess your mental and physical needs through the detox process.
  • Stabilization – Our team of Pines Recovery Lifeionate and experienced medical and therapeutic professionals give you the monitoring and care you need as you “break up with” your substance of choice. Some breakups are nastier than others. So they’re here to make you as comfortable as possible.
  • Aftercare – Our team manages withdrawal symptoms in a safe, spa-like environment as we prepare you to move to your residential treatment center of choice.

Are you ready to find out how great it can feel to get onto the recovery path? Detox is a necessary step to get you to the other side of your addiction, where healing and life-restoration can begin. Pines Recovery Life Detox is the state-of-the-art, luxurious medical detox center you’re looking for. Please call us at 800.263.3869 to schedule an evaluation.