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The safest, most thorough form of detoxification from drugs or alcohol is medical detox. For many individuals, especially those who have been struggling with substance use disorder or addiction for some time, it is the first step in overcoming the disease of addiction. However, many individuals find the process daunting. They can be intimidated or confused by what is expected of them. This is why Pines Recovery Life Detox has created a facility that is not only high-quality and state of teh art but geared towards comfort. We understand that healing happens best when an individual is at ease, willing, and eager to participate. Our medical detox program can give clients the support they need as they begin their recovery from drugs or alcohol.

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What to Expect from Our Medical Detox Program

Medical detoxification is the safest way to manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It provides the individual with security and care should any complications arise. In medically supervised detox, our team of professionals monitors a client’s progress as they move through withdrawal stages. This will vary depending on the substance an individual is addicted to, as well as the duration of their use and the potency of the substance they were abusing.

Typically there are three stages to detox:

  • Evaluation: This initial stage involves doing a thorough assessment of the client’s medical history and current needs. It measures the concentration of drugs and alcohol in the client’s system and determines what medications are needed. At the same time, our team of experts screen for any co-occurring disorders (when substance abuse is present alongside mental health issues). 
  • Stabilization: This is when individuals deal with their withdrawal symptoms surrounding the substance they are abusing. At this stage, our team may use medications to assist with recovery.
  • Aftercare: At this point, clients determine alongside our treatment team what further therapy they’ll need to make their recovery lasting.
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Importance of Medical Detox

Substance abuse takes a tremendous toll on the body. While the initial effects of drug or alcohol use may be a sense of euphoria or comfort, repeated use leads to significant chemical changes in the brain. When this occurs, individuals discover they need to drink more often, or they need to use drugs more frequently or in higher doses. As their body builds a tolerance to the substance, any pleasant sensation from the drugs or alcohol diminishes, being replaced with a need to avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Specific withdrawal symptoms will accompany specific drugs, but some common withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Sleep issues ranging from insomnia to excessive tiredness or fatigue
  • Sudden, unexplained, and situationally inappropriate mood swings
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tremors, uncontrollable shaking, and even seizures
  • Intestinal issues like constipation or diarrhea
  • Cramping and body aches
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Hallucinations

In the case of alcohol addiction, a dangerous though rare condition called delirium tremens that can be fatal without medical supervision.

In our medical detox program, clients are monitored in a safe, secure environment to endure their withdrawal symptoms and begin recovery through therapy.

Pines Recovery Life Detox

Medically supervised detox is the safest and most sure way for individuals to make it through the detox process. No matter the substance use disorder, Pines Recovery Life Detox has a program to address it:

Our deeply committed and vastly experienced team of doctors, counselors, therapists, nurses, and clinicians will deliver to every client the customized care they need to heal. In conjunction with our high-end, the detox process is made more comfortable, increasing the likelihood clients heal and make a lasting recovery. Reach out to us at 800.263.3869 to learn more today.