Pines Recovery Life Detox, a State-of-the-art Drug & Alcohol Detox Facility in Miami

There are three stages to detox: evaluation, stabilization, and aftercare. After a thorough evaluation by our team of experts, clients enter the detox program best suited to their needs. Here at Pines Recovery Life Detox, we can guide and support clients through every stage, not only making the process comfortable but helping them set the foundation for a lasting recovery. Whether drugs or alcohol, Pines Recovery Life Detox can offer a thorough and customized detox program no matter the substance abused.


What Is Involved in the Stabilization Stage

Perhaps the most challenging portion of detox, whether from drugs or alcohol, is the stabilization stage. It is during this period that individuals experience the most intense withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will vary from individual to individual and be affected by many factors such as duration of substance abuse and potency of the drug or alcohol abused. However, generally speaking, withdrawal can last anywhere from three days to several weeks. During this time, medical complications can arise due to the intensity of the symptoms. This is why medically supervised detox from drugs or alcohol is the best option for recovery. Our expert staff of experienced addiction treatment specialists, including doctors and therapists, can monitor patients’ health and safety.

The stabilization process is where we will medically manage all of your withdrawal symptoms experienced during your separation from substances. Stabilization can sometimes be difficult, but your safety and comfort are of the highest importance to us at Pines Recovery Life Detox. During this time, you’ll have access to all of the amenities available at our facility to keep you entertained. Our staff will be available around the clock during the stabilization process if you need any assistance.


Benefits of Detox

Each individual’s struggle with substance use disorder will be unique. In the same way, every person will have a different path to recovery. For some, detox will be the first step in treatment. It will serve to clear their system of drugs or alcohol, allow them to understand the degree of their dependency, and begin a regime to manage their withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Many will find therapy the key to doing so, but there are other treatment programs designed to augment addiction therapy, such as medication-assisted treatment or MAT. 

At Pines Recovery Life Detox, we’ve designed our facility to meet the needs of individuals with mild, moderate, or severe addiction. We understand the dangers surrounding self-detox or what is commonly referred to as going ‘cold turkey.’ Therefore, we make both social detox and medical detox available. These two approaches often intertwine, but they are designed to meet the specific needs of individuals who come to us for treatment. As alluded to, medical detox involves our medical staff closely monitoring an individual’s progress as the deal with withdrawal and may involve medications to help manage symptoms. Social detox is where individuals who aren’t facing overwhelming withdrawal symptoms but know they have a substance use disorder can come and get the same monitoring and therapy to help them.

Pines Recovery Life Detox

Once an individual is stabilized through our detox process here at Pines Recovery Life Detox, they’ll heal as they get the treatment they need for their substance abuse. We offer numerous detox programs to cover the needs of clients, such as:

Within easy driving distance from airports in both Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Pines Recovery Life Detox is a small, private facility delivering customized care. Our high-end amenities make the detox process more comfortable, laying the foundation for a more successful treatment leading to a lasting recovery. Reach out to us at 800.263.3869, or contact us online to learn more today.