5 Benefits of Detox florida

5 Benefits of Detox

Substance abuse and addiction are common problems in our society. Nearly every family has been affected by them in some way. Even so, people still believe that the solution to drug abuse and addiction is to “just say no” or “just quit.” However, anyone who has struggled with addiction or cares about someone who has…

dangers of meth withdrawal

Dangers of Meth Withdrawal

Meth has severe withdrawal symptoms for those who use it long-term. At Pines Recovery Life Detox in South Florida, we have a meth detox center to safely help you make it through the difficult stages of withdrawal. We don’t recommend quitting on your own, as the severity of symptoms can become life-threatening. Instead, enroll in…

substance abuse and first responders

Substance Abuse and First Responders

It takes strength and integrity to wake up every day and commit your life to helping others. Firemen, police, and emergency medical technicians are the first to arrive when tragedy strikes. If you don’t have the right coping skills, you may self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. Various studies link alcohol use and PTSD with the…

Can Vivitrol Treatment Help You Quit Alcohol florida

Can Vivitrol Treatment Help You Quit Alcohol?

Medication management can help control cravings while you go through the crucial process of detox and recovery. By reducing cravings or the impact of withdrawal symptoms, medication can increase your chances of remaining in recovery. At Pines Recovery Life Detox in South Florida, we have a Vivitrol treatment program designed to ease the discomfort of…