Pines Recovery Life Detox, a State-of-the-art Drug & Alcohol Detox Facility in South Florida

How It Works

At Pines Recovery Life Detox, we work hard to ensure that you do not have any other worries or focus aside from your addiction recovery. That’s why we employ a skilled team of professionals who will quickly and easily qualify you for treatment through your insurance company. Whether you are from Florida or a different state, hold in-network or out-of-network insurance, Pines Recovery Life Detox accepts a wide range of insurances and categories.

When it comes to finding insurance accepted at detox facilities in Florida, it’s easy to get discouraged. At Pines Recovery Life, our insurance pros will make the approval process easy and simple, so that you can move right into addiction treatment and recovery without needing to worry about what insurance is accepted at detox. At this time, we, unfortunately, cannot accept Medicaid.

Verification Made Easy

Insurance clearance for your detox stay is handled right away. Simply have your insurance policy number on hand when you call, text, message, or email us and we will pass that info on to our insurance team, allowing our detox admissions team to get right to work on your needs and treatment plan.

Detox insurance plans can be a bit difficult to navigate on your own, but confirming that you do have coverage is a simple thing. To understand if you have coverage for drug or alcohol detox, you should look into the mental healthcare benefits of your insurance plan. Due to legislation in the U.S., some addictions have been found to be, and are registered as, a disease, much like congestive heart failure or asthma. Because these addictions have been determined to be a disease, insurance coverage is required to be equal to that of the mental health coverage of your plan.