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When drug or alcohol use leads to substance use disorder, individuals need professional support to heal. For many, after admitting there is an issue and help is needed, the first step is detox. However, once an individual has made it through detox and the treatment program within it to address withdrawal symptoms and cravings, they’ll need an aftercare plan. This can involve a more extended treatment program, but every person struggling with a substance use disorder or addiction needs to develop a relapse prevention or aftercare plan. Pines Recovery Life Detox is a premier facility helping individuals struggling with addiction get the inpatient and medical detox they need to begin recovery. We can also advise you on how to create an effective aftercare strategy.

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Benefits of an Aftercare Program

Addiction is a chronic disease. After an individual has gone through detox, it makes sense to find an ongoing treatment program to get the therapy necessary to prevent relapse. There are numerous options available. Aftercare encompasses a wide range of services. It can extend from individual therapy to support groups to help find work or affordable, sober housing. For some, rehabilitation requires more than detoxification. There are residential and outpatient programs available.

No matter what kind of program a client determines is best for them in consultation with our medical professionals, they’ll discover they need to embrace counseling and therapy. Stressors, triggers, and underlying mental health issues all contribute to relapse. Discovering how to relieve stress and anxiety, avoid or eliminate triggers, and improve one’s mental health are all part of a proper aftercare plan.

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What Is Aftercare?

Detox involves three stages: evaluation, stabilization, and aftercare. Once an individual struggling with substance abuse is admitted to a detox program like those offered at Pines Recovery Life Detox, professionals assess their treatment needs. Once evaluated, individuals are put into the detox program that best fits their needs so that as the drug or alcohol works through their system, they have the support necessary. This can be a difficult time for clients. Their body struggles with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. During stabilization, medication may be administered to aid with this stage. Once through this stage of recovery, clients need to work with their counselors, therapists, and medical professionals to determine their next step in aftercare.

Aftercare aims to prevent relapse and do so by helping clients create a support network while learning the skills and techniques necessary to identify and overcome triggers to their sobriety. For some, this can take the form of group therapy or programs similar to that of 12 Step support community. Others may need more focused or intense one-on-one counseling. Whatever your unique needs, Pines Recovery Life Detox can point you in the right direction.

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Once you or a loved one has progressed through the stages of detox and found the right aftercare program, full recovery from the disease of addiction is not far away. Here at Compas Detox, we can treat numerous types of substance abuse through our detox programs:

Within easy driving distance from airports in both Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, Pines Recovery Life Detox is a small, private facility where your confidentiality is our priority. We’ve assembled a deeply committed, Pines Recovery Lifeionate, and experienced team of doctors, counselors and therapists, nurses, and clinicians to deliver to every client the customized care they need to heal from substance use disorder. Our high-end amenities make the detox process more comfortable, laying the foundation for a more successful treatment leading to a lasting recovery. Reach out to us at 800.263.3869, or contact us online to learn more today.