Can an alumni program help you to stay sober and clean? At Pines Recovery Life Detox, we offer a wide range of treatment options to help you achieve your best outcome. That includes providing you with an alumni network supporting you long after you leave formal treatment with us. When you are ready to find yourself on a new path towards sobriety, reach out to us and learn more about our alumni network in South Florida.

group of people in an alumni program What Is an Alumni Program?

An alumni program is just what it sounds like. When men and women work through our treatment programs and find themselves back in their lives living it and thriving in it, we want to be there still to support them. That is why we offer an alumni program. What can this program do for you after detox?

  • Connect with other people who have been through what you have.
  • Have someone reach out to your alumni network who can help you when you need it.
  • Work to build new relationships with people who get where you’ve been.
  • Explore new opportunities to learn about your condition.
  • Get motivation and support to stay the course.

Our team is dedicated to supporting you for as long as it takes to help you get the type of outcome you desire. For that to happen, you will need to work on healing and recovery constantly. Your alumni network will help you to do that.

An Alumni Network Lets You Give Back, Too

When you complete our drug and alcohol treatment programs, you should be proud of the enormous changes you have made in your health and future. This is your time to shine. The alumni program we offer also allows you to help those who are going through what you did. You will be able to offer support, talk to them, and give them some guidance. For many people, this is very rewarding.

Having an alumni network means you can come back to work with other people by providing motivation and encouragement. It also means you can reach out and help those people in your network who may need help right now. By doing this, when you feel safe to do so allows you to be there to help someone else to remain healthy and to avoid relapse potentially.

Overall, our alumni program is designed to be empowering to you. You remain connected to the people who want to help you through your addiction.

How Do You Get to Be a Part of It

To be a part of our alumni program, you need to work through our treatment program here in South Florida.  That means enrolling in one of our treatment programs and working through it. This may include:

When you are ready to get the help you need to break through your addiction, reach out to our team. We are here to guide and support you. It takes time to work on getting sober and then working to heal from your addiction’s damage. That’s okay. You have the time you need when you work with us.

From there, you’ll graduate into a new future of sober living. You may even find you don’t really need help right now. When you do need help, though, your alumni program is there to support you.

Are You Ready for a Change? Pines Recovery Life Detox Can Help You

At Pines Recovery Life Detox, we offer a comprehensive alumni program we want you to be a part of in the coming months. To learn more about our alumni network in South Florida, reach out to our team today. Start the care that you need to achieve your best outcome. Call 855.981.8935, or contact us online now.